With the start of Mallorca Live Summer, from this Thursday, 21st July 21 to 28th August, Calvià’s Old Aquapark will welcome back our Happening! Market, the design and food market already present during the latest edition of Mallorca Live Festival.

With free entrance until capacity is reached and free parking onsite, Happening! Market will be open from Thursday to Sunday from 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. and will have its own programme of DJs and live music.

The market will function independently of Mallorca Live Summer, also remaining open on days when there are no shows of our summer cycle. Every day, a DJ will be in charge of the soundtrack to the opening and closing of the doors of the venue and a band will take the Happening! stage to warm up the crowd before the Mallorca Live Summer concert. On days when there’s not a Mallorca Live Summer show, Happening! will be the main stage.

An eclectic music programme for all audiences will accompany us at Happening! Market in the next few weeks. We will enjoy proposals as diverse as those of Saus Rumba (rumba), Urtain (pop-rock), Wa Koul Diop (afro beat), Monkey Doo (swing), Pazzvegga (hip hop) or Timba Tumbet (salsa). The music won’t stop at the venue with the sessions of different DJs such as Sideways, Anamar, Supersonidos, Los Dos, Massot or Leolo, to name a few.

Within the design field there will be clothing, handmade jewelry, accessories, makeup or silver pieces, amongst others, and the public will also be able to enjoy a varied quality gastronomic offer.

All information is available at www.happeningmarket.com.